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A collection of 2017 UX fails I picked along the way

A few days into 2018 and I though I should offer you this nice collection of the things I stumbled upon the past year. I am surprised with some of them as I would have expected people to be enraged by them. Instead I understand that Users casually accepted these as a norm.

Here is my collection of gems:

This message on an Apple MacBook Pro, has a Cancel option but nothing to actually cancel.


This cryptic screen on the vanilla Android Calendar app on a mobile phone, where there is no clue on what’s happening


This page with a magical twin hamburger menu


This questionnaire from Google which asks for multiple selections using a single radio button. 

This one again from Google Allo, where the User is asked to tap on a button that is not there.


This ad which suggests that you can learn to trade Bitcoin by wearing short clothes and sitting surrounded by Chanel bags.


This out-of-place, forgotten by time screen on the workflow of changing your password on the LinkedIn Android app.


This screen when you charge an iPhone which surprisingly no one mentions but you really cannot tell if it is actually charging


This cryptic scary system feedback from Facebook.

Let’s hope that 2018 will be less generous in UX fails but somehow I doubt it 🙂

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