What is UX

Everyday you open your eyes, you see the world. You touch objects around you, you feel the textures, smell, listen. If you really pay attention to all those details and put them in perspective, you experience the world.

In the Wide World of Web can easily become a Wild World, with Users frantically looking for things around, being lost in the jungle of navigation, trying to decipher cryptic messages from some distant developer planet.

Also nowadays digital content can appear on your on the screen of your bed alarm, television, laptop, tablet, netbook, laptop, refrigerator, watch or car. All these have different shapes, materials, interactions, used differently depending on the circumstances, offering different experiences. The experience starts before the User even thinks about the product/service and ends when the product/service is no longer available or does not function anymore intentionally.

User eXperience (UX) is the art (?) of defining an experience in such a way that

  • the User understands it with as less explanations and training as possible. This interfaces are known as intuitive
  • the User achieves a set task the quickest, less error prone way
  • the User is happy to use the system and is happy in the thought of using it again
  • the business goals set are met

Perfect design. One design that makes all happy. These things are as real as unicorns.
A design that could satisfy the 80% of a well defined target group, that is achievable.

UX is subjective, pulsating and dynamic: subjective because it depends on observation and common concepts based on set target actions/results. Pulsating and dynamic because it can change depending on trends that may emerge even over a week, such as the release of a new hardware or a special circumstance / event that may result to the use of an interface in a different way than intended or expected.

International Organisation for Standardisation definition is a “person’s perceptions and responses resulting from the use and or anticipated use of a product, system or service.”

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