Facebook is getting away with UX murder

I have been following Facebook for some time and it seems that the seamless User Experience is something the business does not care about.

Tablet Android app view

In this incarnation, the most important item on the menu is the Timeline, Notifications come 3rd.

Tablet facebook view


Mobile Android app view

In this version, the most important feature is the camera. Even if we ignore this, Search comes second. On the Tablet view, Search comes 6th! Notifications come 7th!

Mobile facebook view


Mobile web view

Again, the timeline is important but search now is 5th! Notifications come 4th.

Mobile Web View


Getting away with murder

Facebook is the indisputable king of social media at the moment. Billions of people are using their services. They can add a clown in their Like button and everyone will think it’s normal. And they actually do. On the tablet version what bothers me the most is that hamburger button placed in the middle. The hamburger button in Facebook is like page No 3 of Google Search. No one has seen what’s under there. In the tablet design comes 4th in importance. It’s literally in the middle.

The use of the hamburger button is debatable in the first place but having it in the middle is something out of the User Experience Design worst nightmares. I am guessing they gave up at that point. Heck, let’s throw it in there. Let’s hide the body in plain sight.

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